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Chulia Facilities Management Sdn Bhd (CFMSB)

Establish on 19th May 1995, a small Entrepreneur with CIDB G3 was incorporated. The earlier jobs mainly consisted of telecommunication system. On 24th April 2014, the company had been renamed Chulia Facilities Management Sdn Bhd. The nature of business are Facilities Maintenance for Government and Private Buildings, Hospitals, Factories and Residential. We have evolved ever since to be a Total Integrated Facilities Management (TIFM) service provider in South East Asia and Middle East. Realizing the technology impacts, CFMSB develops Centralised Management Maintenance System (CMMS) and Internet Of Thing (IDT) to spearhead data analyticsto improved on efficiency and performance. Beside that, Entrepreneur Resource Planning (ERP) program is being utilized in order to improved on material, planning and costing.


Chulia Biomedical Engineering Sdn Bhd (CBESB)

Chulia Biomedical Engineering Sdn Bhd (CBE) was in-corporatized in 17th June 2005. A 100% wholly owned by CFMSB, CBE is to spearhead outsourcing in Hospital Support Services. The most prolific contract was the undertaking of 3 (three) Military Public Hospitals, Terendak 94’, Lumut 96’ and Hospital Angkatan Tentera Tunku Mizan, executed with Ministry of Defence for the procurement, supply and comprehensive maintenance of Biomedical Equipment and Devices. Besides that, CBE also has served Prince Court Medical Centre, Pantai Hospital, Royal Medical College (to name a few).

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HCD CFM Facilities Management (Cambodia)

CFMSB has also formed a strategic alliance with Hassan Construction Ltd., a renowned Cambodian local construction company. Under HCD CFM Facilities Management (Cambodia), the partnership will provide TIFM services for the newly completed ultramodern Phnom Penh Megemall. Hand in hand venture is the establishment of Resource Training Centre, a human resource development center for the empowerment of local technical skill and expertise.


Al Nabooda Chulia Facilities Management Co LLC (AN.C)

Al Nabooda Chulia Facilities Management Co LLC (AN.C) founded in 2015 between The Khalifa Juma Al Nabooda (KJAN) and Chulia Facilities Management S/B (CFMSB). It is a partnership of Facilities Management including technology solution. The Khalifa Juma Al Nabooda (KJAN) Group is a well-diversified group with stakes over 20 different companies in various industries and continues to strategize, strengthen and complement its interest to remain as a market leader in Dubai. Over the short-term tenure, AN.C has built a strong reputable, track record with 13 clienteles over 100 project sites ranging from Commercial Buildings, Shopping Malls, Prestigious Showrooms, High-rise Residential, Luxury Villas, Government sector’s buildings and others.

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Chulia Pharma Sdn Bhd

Chulia Pharma Sdn Bhd (CPSB) was incorporated on 9th March 2016. CPSB is principally engaged in the manufacturing, distribution, import and export of pharmaceutical, nutraceuticals, Over-the-Counter (OTC), cosmeceuticals and food supplements products. CPSB was given the mandate to run and operate a manufacturing plant for personal and healthcare product. The factory with 240,000 sqft² is located in Sungai Bakap, Penang and full operation team of 550 headcounts. CLLSB in collaboration with YBU Holdings Sdn Bhd, is set to establish, develop and operate the first Biomedical Device Refurbishment and Innovation Park (AMTOP) in Southern Asia.


Chulia Life Sciences Sdn Bhd (CLSSB)

Chulia Life Sciences Sdn Bhd (CLSSB) was iincorporated on 8th January 2016, from a defunct PN17 Biosis (M) Sdn Bhd in the form of appointees of management take over. CLLSB in collaboration with YBU Holdings Sdn Bhd, which is the Investment arm of Yayasan Bina Upaya Darul Ridzuan to establish, develop and operate the first medical device refurbishment and innovation park in Southern Asia.

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Chulia Builders Sdn Bhd (CBSB)

Chulia Builders Sdn Bhd (CBSB) was incorporated on 25th May 2016. CBSB is principally engaged in construction related activities namely civil and structural, mechanical and electrical. The company also undertakes project management consultation including study, evaluation and advice. The other notable business activities by CBSB are onshore and offshore marine engineering works, roadworks, water works, gas works and others.


Chulia Technology Sdn Bhd

Chulia Technology Sdn Bhd(CTSB) was incorporated on 13th November 2015. CTSB provides consultancy hardware and software for facilities management, biomedical engineering and maintenance and other healthcare related industries. The company is also capable of undertaking asset management for all kind of buildings and facilities be it commercial, residential and industrial types. CTSB also conduct all kind of training activities including but not limited to provider, coordinator, support, liaison and certification on its own or in collaboration with any institution, agency, society, and association or education center.


Chulia Training Academy Sdn Bhd (CITRA)

Chulia Training Academy Sdn Bhd (CITRA) was established under Chulia Facilities  Management Group of Companies for the purpose of providing training and retrainingavenues for both internal and external clients. CITRA has strategically positioned its very existence as the centre of excellent and educational hubs and setting its goal and objective to be the leading solution provider in training and development programs.

Anticipating the high demand of skilled, trained and competent human capital in enhancing the growth of any organization, CITRA offers an in-exhaustive list of training's and development programs such as Human Resources, Motivational & Development, Safety, Health & Environment, Quality, and Productivity Improvement. With our highly motivated, competent and experienced team of professional trainers and consultants in their respective field, coupled with their respective real-life exposure in various services and industries, they shall be tasked to diligently discharge and ensure an equal training and learning experiences are achieved. Thus, contributing towards developing and equipping the trainees with the right skill set and competency to meet the market challenges and demands.

Notwithstanding, CITRA not only provides services in coordinating, supporting, liaising and certifying any training program on its own but also customizing them in collaboration with higher learning institutions, agencies, associations or any other body or related educational programs. To date, CITRA has conducted various technical and leadership course for internal and external clients, notably the collaborative effort with the  Government's HRDF GENERAtE programs unemployed graduates.

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