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To be a recognized, leading brand in the biomedical engineering industry, nationally and internationally


  • We are committed towards providing our clients with the best sustainable business model

  • We consistently strive to deliver excellent services with sheer professionalism

  • We provide conducive environment to our personnel to realize their full potential


In moving forward with IR4.0, CBE is taking intiative to reduce costs and spending for medical equipment where one of initiative taken is to re-manufacture  and re-engineer the medical equipment' so we may use again.

This will be able to reduce CAPEX. CBE will also give a warranty to all these equipments similar to what other vendors give.

This factory will be one-step-centre for all bio-medical equipments in Southeast Asia.

This will give job opportunity as well as capacity building for more than 10,000 employees.

Leading the transformation effort into the age of Industrial Revolution 4.0, CBE (Chulia Biomedical Engineering) will be taking the initiative to reduce costs and spending for medical equipment.

One of the initiatives is to re-manufacture and re-engineer the medical equipment so it operable and usable. In addition to that, the company will be able to issue a new warranty to the equipment, similar to warranty issued by other vendors. This initiative is expected to significantly reduce CAPEX (capital expenditure). 

The factory is visioned to become a one-stop-centre for all bio-medical equipment in Southeast Asia. With its large-scale hi-tech operations, not only it will be job opportunities for more than 10,000 employees, it will also be centre for skill development, preparing the society for the new era.

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